Kennametal Bit Coal 4058154-cutting tool, drill bit
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Kennametal Bit Coal 4058154


Kennametal Bit Coal 4058154

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  • Bit Coals
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  • Kennametal Bit Coals
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  • 4058154
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  • A&S Carbide Cutting Co., Ltd.
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Kennametal Bit Coal 4058154 Descriptions:

Kennametal Bit Coal with a slim narrow-bottom design, cut with better penetration and lower forces, reducing overall power consumption, and produce up to 25% less fines in highly abrasive cutting conditions.

Features and Benefits:
Less dust means a safer work environment and reduced fines for disposal.
Lower forces reduce power consumption as well as wear-and-tear on machinery.
Lower vertical forces mean better penetration with less bouncing of the bit.
Tools are available with internal and external retainer groove

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