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About SANYUAN Mining Bits

We offer SANYUAN Mining Bits, SANYUAN PDC Bits, SANYUAN Tricone bits at reaonable price according to your requirements.

SANYUAN Mining Bits have good cleaning effect, high cutting efficiency and long PDC teeth gauge protection section due to the arbitrary and high density arrangement of the teeth in the crown outline shape. In addition, the TSP teeth are used for strengthening of the gauge protection, thereby having rather high rate of penetration. Therefore, it can be used in the mud stone, clay stone, silt stone, non-consolidated sandstone, hydratable shale, non-hydraulic shale with low compressive strength, sandstone with low or medium compressive strength, and formation with medium abrasiveness.
The dimensions for the cutting teeth include 3/8’’, 1/2’’ and 3/4’’ and 1’’ circular glomerocryst composite teeth. Under a low weight on bit, the bit can penetrate into the formation to obtain the high drilling rate through the rock breaking by the shearing action.
With the open water flow design, arbitrary teeth arrangement and the optimized force distribution, the composite force tends to balance during drilling producing the anti-spin effect and anti-off- tracking effect. Moreover, the cutting teeth of the bit can be well cooled and cleaned.

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